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What is RouteYou Plus and who is it for?

A RouteYou Plus account gives you access to a better working environment and more features. The RouteYou Plus is aimed at individual users who use RouteYou regularly or more extensively.

The advantages of RouteYou Plus


In addition to all the basic features you already have via your RouteYou Free account, with a RouteYou Plus account, you enjoy a lot of extras:

  1. Use of RouteYou without ads
  2. A 30% faster browsing experience
  3. Access to all Google map layers: Google maps, Google Satellite and Google Streetview 
  4. Access to RouteYou heatmaps
  5. Call up reference routes in the RoutePlanner
  6. Easily customize the routes of others:
  7. Access to POI push: quickly and easily add or remove points of interest to your route
  8. Upload a route and overwrite an existing route while maintaining a stable Route-ID
  9. Print your route on a topographic map
  10. Print a guide for any available route
  11. Offline navigation with your smartphone via the mobile website
  12. Offline navigation with the Routeyou app on your smartphone
  13. Free participation in all RouteYou training courses

RouteYou Plus price overview

(Prices incl. VAT)


  Annual cost Set-up by RouteYou
RouteYou Plus €35,99 N/A


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