Filter options in the RouteYou app

To easily find your desired route in the RouteYou app, you can use various selection criteria and filter options. Having selected an activity type and/or location, you can further refine your search with additional filter options such as length, score, characteristics and so on more. Below you will find a complete overview.


As soon as one or more filters are activated, a red dot appears in the "Explore" screen at the top right of the filter button, showing the number of active filters.






You can use the slider to filter out routes within a specific range of distances.

  The distance filter always uses a minimum and maximum distance. You adjust these by respectively moving the dot in the front or the dot at the back to the desired distance. 


Looking for a route with a distance longer than the maximum distance visible on the slider? Then slide the second dot all the way to the end.






With “Characteristics” you can filter by specific route properties such as light traffic, (un)paved, child friendly and the like.

  By default, we show the 6 most popular items linked to your chosen activity type.
  You can use the “Show All” button to display the full list. 


If you select multiple characteristics then the system will apply an 'and' logic. So the results will match all selected characteristics.






Here you can specify a minimum score. So in the search results, you will only find routes with the specified score or higher.


A lower score does not necessarily mean the route is not good.
 Read more about the route score and how it is determined here.






Groups are compilations of routes, attractions and/or users.

 For more information about groups, click here.


  When you start typing in the search field, the system will automatically generate a list that matches your search term.
  You can delete the selected group or replace it with another group at any time. 

My routes

filter_app_mijn routes_EN.png

Here you can choose to show in the search results only routes that you yourself have created.

 Other ways to quickly find your own routes.

 Find out how to plan a route here.


Saved routes

filter_app_bewaarde routes_EN.png

Here you can choose to show in the search results only routes you previously saved.

 Or access your 'Saved routes' via your profile page.

 Find out how to save a route you like here.


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