No speech instructions

RouteYou also offers Turn by Turn instructions. This both visually and auditorily.

If you do not hear speech instructions , this may have several causes. We recommend that you check the following things first:

  1. Are speech instructions enabled in your navigation settings?
  2. Is the volume of your device loud enough?

The settings for voice instructions are device specific. If you are still not getting instructions, please follow the tips below.

The step by step instructions below were tested on the most common versions of Android. There may be differences depending on the device you are using. Please check carefully which tips may apply to your device.


We recommend Samsung users to switch to Google's Speech Services.

On many Samsung devices, there are two ways to have speech instructions spoken. You have the Samsung engine on the one hand and the Google engine on the other. From experience, we have found that the Samsung engine often does not give the desired results. So it's best to change it to the Google variant. Below we explain step by step how to do that. 


If you don't see Google's Speech Services listed anywhere, you need to install it first from Google Play (Speech Services by Google).




On this  test page , you can check at any time whether the voice instructions on your device are working or not.

Android users have the option to install additional languages or voices after activating Google voice Services.

Sometimes the number of languages available for Google's speech services is limited. You can install additional languages and voices through the "Text to Speech" settings.  


How do you go about this?

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Choose "General Management"
  3. Choose "Text-to-Speech"
  4. Tap the cog icon
  5. Select 'Install voice data' and choose the language you want to install.
     At this point, you may have to install an additional 'language pack' before you can go to the next step.
     You will then get a screen with the different voices you can select for a country-language combination.
  6. Choose the voice you want. This will now be used.


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