No Turn-by-Turn instructions on some routes.

It happens that for some routes you get no instructions at all or inaccurate instructions instructions. You can read the causes and solutions to this problem below. 

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  • The selected routing

    When you create a route, you can choose a specific routing. With that routing, the path is calculated across the available road and path network. Based on the link to that network, instructions are generated. Those instructions indicate things like "diagonally right on Brueghel Avenue." Almost all routing options do this.

      There is, however, one exception:"manual". In that case, you deliberately choose NOT to match to the underlying network nor are instructions computed on the underlying network. You only get instructions along the viapoints and no street names are mentioned then. The TBT instruction then depends on how accurately the route was plotted on top of the streetmap.  

     Read more about "manual" here.


  • An uploaded route

    You can also upload a route (e.g.a gpx) on RouteYou where you get the choice not to have the route recalculated and therefore also NOT to be matched with the underlying network. In that case, you won't get any instructions either. 

     Read more about it here.

  • a recorded route

    With a recorded route no instructions appear by default because no link is made to the underlying road and path network

     Read more about it here.


How can you tell that there are no instructions?
  • Deviating geometry

    If you look closely at the geometry, you will see that in case of manual routing or uploading without matching with the network, the geometry differs from the roads and paths on the underlying map (see example below).

  • Printing the roadbook

    If you print the roadbook ,you will normally get a list of instructions. If there is NO match, you will not see any instructions.
    View a sample route (select the print option) and have a look at:
    (Kies "afdrukken" > "roadbook")

Option 1: It is your own route

Yes, for sure. If it is your own route, you can edit the route using the route planner.
 Read more about it here.

  • The routing in the planner will be set to "manual".
  • Change it to OSM shortest or another routing
  • At the question "To what do you want to apply this routing? A: "Full route" or B: "Next changes", choose A. The full route will then be matched with the underlying network. And instructions will be calculated.

Option 2: It is a route of someone else

  1. Download the GPX of the route
     Read more about it here.
  2. Load the GPX and choose the default options with "Recalculate on existing roads where possible".
     Read more about it here.
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