The route detail page

The route detail page contains lots of interesting information.

An overview: 

Practical information


  • A matching photo
      If there are several photos, than these are displayed in a carousel.
  • The route title
  • The route score
      Read more about the route score here. 
  • The route type displayed with an icon, but is also given a name.
    Along with an indication of the region.
  • The route author
  • The last verification date
      Read more about this here.
  • A brief summary of the route length, the number of meters in ascent, the average duration in accordance with an average speed, and the degree of difficulty




  • A map you can click on
      You can open the route on the map by clicking on the map.
      ou can view the route in detail or even immediately start navigating
  • The route's start and end point
      It also states if it is a loop route.
      Here you can also immediately request a route description to your route's starting point.





  An informative description by the author that normally gives you a little more insight into what to expect when traveling the route in question.





  Here you'll find some more detailed practical information, such as the quantity of paved or cobbled roads, as well as more figures on the inclines and descents.


Information about the environment



  The overview here gives you an insight into the area through which the route passes.


Regions, characteristics and themes



  An overview of the related regions, characteristics and themes.


Interesting places along the route



  Here you will find a carousel with interesting places along the route. You can click on these in order to view the information more in detail.



You can also immediately start navigating the route on a route detail page via the green button below. Or download the route for offline navigation


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