RouteYou account types and their benefits

Click here for an overview of all RouteYou account types and their benefits.


  • The RouteYou Free is a good account for familiarizing yourself with RouteYou's basic functionalities.
  • The RouteYou Plus is what you need for getting off to an optimal start with RouteYou as an individual user.

       You can activate these basic accounts via the upgrade button on both the website and the app.


  • The RouteYou Premium is geared more toward professional individuals as well as clubs and small organizations that want to create a distinct profile on RouteYou.

       Upgrading to RouteYou Premium can only be done via the website.


  • The RouteYou Pro is the ideal account for professional organizations as well as tourism services, sports organizations and the like, where visibility, professional support, and functionality are important for the maintenance, supervision and use of routes.
  • With RouteYou Enterprise you not only utilize all of the options on the RouteYou Platform, you also use them externally, such as on your own (mobile) website, app, etc.

       You can order these professional accounts by sending an email to


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