Planning your own route on your smartphone

  1. Use the "Plan" button to plan your own route. You will be taken to the screen below.


  2. Use the green "Visit website" button to go to the route planner on our mobile website. The route planner has numerous options for planning your ideal route.

      Discover all the possibilities of the RouteYou route planner here. 

Important information about planning a route on smartphone

You can use all the features of the route planner on your smartphone. Just keep in mind that on a smartphone:

  • the screen is smaller, which means that the map and the plan module cannot be displayed side by side.
      At the bottom of the white bar, you can tap  toon-kaartp.png  "Show map" to switch to the map. schakelen.
      From the map view, you can return to the plan module in a similar way via settings-knop.png.

  • Moving via points is more difficult. This is because your screen is smaller and also because your fingertip is less accurate than a computer cursor. Therefore, when using your smartphone, we recommend
       planning by using addresses
       leting the system plot a suggestion loop based on your preferences

  Once your route is saved, you're all ready to hit the road. The route automatically opens in the Route App, if you have installed it on your phone.


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