How can I log in with my Apple ID?

RouteYou supports logging in via Apple, both on the RouteYou website and in the RouteYou App.

This means that you can:

  • Create a RouteYou account with your Apple ID login
  • Link a RouteYou account to your Apple ID

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Connect your RouteYou account to your Apple ID
  1. Go to the login screen and select "Log in with Apple"

  2. A pop-up screen from Apple appears where you are asked to enter your email address or phone number. Then you can log in with your password or passkey (iOS 17 or higher).


  3. You authorize Apple to securely share your name, email address and profile picture with RouteYou.

  4. Your Apple ID is now linked to your RouteYou account. You can check this via your profile page on the website
How to disconnect your RouteYou account from your Apple login
  1. Go to your profile page on the RouteYou website
  2. Scroll until you see ios-app-store.png Connection with Apple account
  3. Click "Open" and choose unlink.png Disconnect from Apple

The next time you log in to RouteYou, you will need to use "Forgot Password" to set a password. This is because when you disconnect from Apple, RouteYou only has your email address and not your password.

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