Will my free trial period automatically be extended?

The renewal of your one-month free trial depends on when you activated it and what operating operating system you are using

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Activation during registration

When you register via the app, you can choose to activate your one-month free trial during the registration process. If you do, you can immediately enjoy all the RouteYou Plus benefits for one month.

There are no hidden costs associated with using these RouteYou Plus benefits, and we will not ask you to enter any payment details. If after a month of testing, you are not convinced of the additional benefits of having a RouteYou Plus subscription, and you do nothing, your account will be automatically converted back to a RouteYou Free account.


Activation when upgrading

When you upgrade via the app, it will check whether you have already used up the one-month free trial.

  • If you have, then a payment will be registered immediately via the payment option you have selected.

  • If you have not used the one-month free trial, then the first payment will not be charged until the following month via the payment option you have selected. This way, you can still use the RouteYou Plus benefits for free for one month. If you do not cancel your subscription during this period, your one-month free trial will automatically turn into a paid RouteYou account.
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