What trial subscriptions are available?

The one-month free trial

When you register with RouteYou, we will give you the chance to activate a free RouteYou Plus account, so you can enjoy all the benefits for one month.

If you prefer not to have a one-month free trial, you can simply deactivate this option. You can still activate the free trial at a later date.

Via de app Via de website
If you are already using the RouteYou App, you will automatically get the one-month free trial when you upgrade to a paid subscription.

On this page, we tell you more about what happens after your one-month free trial ends.

Special offers

In some circumstances, for example, in connection with an event, we offer a special benefit from RouteYou or in cooperation with one of our partners. For example, we might offer a RouteYou Plus or Premium subscription for 3 or 6 months. Along with a benefit code, we always provide the corresponding terms and conditions, and instructions for activating the offer.

Special offers can only be activated through the website. There are no charges for this. So, there is never really any reason to cancel a trial subscription, because after the specified period, the trial subscription expires automatically without the need for any action on your part. Upon expiration, your account will be converted to a RouteYou Free account.

  If you still prefer not to use the free trial period, please contact us via the contact form.


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