My position on the map

RouteYou not only needs your position to find beautiful, nearby routes. It is also necessary for providing timely and correct instructions as you navigate along a route.


If you experience problems with your position on the map, then you should first check your device's location settings.

   The step-by-step plans below were tested on the most common Android and iOS versions. Small differences may occur depending on the device you use.


  1. Go to "Settings" instellingen apple.png 
  2. Tap "Privacy and security"
  3. Tap "Location services"
  4. Turn on "Location services"
  5. If (already) turned on, tap "RouteYou"
  6. Tap "During use of the app" to give RouteYou access to your position
  7. Activate "Exact location" as well


  1. Open your phone's settings
  2. Tap "Location" and activate this
  3. Now go back to the overview and tap "Apps"
  4. Search for and tap "RouteYou"
  5. Tap "Permissions"
  6. Tap "Location"
  7. Tap "Allow when using app"
  8. Also activate "Use exact location"

Environmental factors

Even if you give RouteYou access to your exact location, noticeable deviations to your position on the map may still occur.

How does this happen?
The process of determining the position of your device is influenced by environmental factors. Are you in a dense forest? Or near tall buildings? Then this can strongly influence your position on the map. The signals used to determine your position are blocked or reflected, which results in inaccuracies in your position. Give your phone time to determine your exact location.



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