Selection criteria to find the desired route in the RouteYou App.

  Read here about how you can discover routes.

You can search routes based on several selection criteria: activity type, location and additional filtering options such as length, score, and so on. You can set these selection criteria at the top of the “Explore” screen.




Activity type


  1. Tap the "Select" button to the top left in order to select an activity type.
  2. You'll arrive at an overview of the most popular activities.
      You can also display the complete list of activity types by tapping "See all activity types".
  3. Make a choice



  4. Tap "Show xx routes"
  5. You'll now get to see some routes that match the activity type you have chosen.




Enter a location in the search field above. RouteYou tries to match your search term with the right location via a list of suggestions. If you select a specific location, then the map will zoom in on this location.

In order to zoom in to your position, you have to provide RouteYou with your location data. Read more about this here.


Extra filter options


Filter button.png


The filter button at the top right allows you to further refine your searches with a convenient set of additional filter options such as length, score, characteristics and the like.

 Click here for an overview of all filter options in the RouteYou app..


If you tap one of the search results, the route detail page for that route opens in the RouteYou app. Here you can consult the detailed route information or immediately start navigation.


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