About the RouteYou App

The RouteYou App is a native app.

A native app is a mobile application developed specifically for iOS or Android.

The RouteYou App is committed to being simple to use. This means that the features which are specific to your subscription and available through the website will not all be available in the app. 


Benefits and features of native apps:

  • Native apps are developed specifically for one particular platform, such as Android or iOS, in the programming language associated with that platform. That means, for example, that a native app developed for a Samsung device can't be used on an iPhone. Therefore, two versions of a native app should actually be developed: one for Android and one for iOS.

  • Often native apps offer a better user experience because they are developed for specific devices. They are usually faster and have better quality graphics.

  • You must download a native app from an app store and install it on your device before you can use it.

  • After it has been downloaded, the native app's icon automatically appears on your device's home screen.

  • Because native apps are developed for a specific operating system, they can more easily access all elements of a smartphone. These include the memory, the camera, the microphone and GPS.

  • Native apps are (rightly or wrongly) considered more secure and reliable.

  • Native apps can't be used on a desktop or a laptop.

 Installing the RouteYou App.

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