What is RouteYou PWA?

"PWA" stands for Progressive Web App.

A progressive web is an application that combines the flexibility of the web with the user experience of a mobile app.

  In more technical terms, it is an app developed using web platform technology, but one that offers the user experience of a platform-specific app.

With the RouteYou PAW, you have access to all the functionality of your active subscription, just like with the website. 


PWA benefits and features:

  • Visible as an app icon on your device screen. 

  • You no longer need to install anything else. To make it easy to use, you just link it to mobile sites where a specific code has been integrated.

  • Your applications are available on all of your devices (computer, phone, tablet, etc.). The only thing you need is a browser.

  • A PWA operates with a secure HTTPS connection, just like a website.

  • The Web Apps applications operate in the same way, regardless of whether you are using an Apple or an Android.

  • The applications are far less sensitive to iOS and Android changes. Just check how many native apps are still operating on your 3-year-old device.

  • Apple and Android determine what can be offered via their respective stores. The app must fit their business model, otherwise they won't list it.

  • Easier in offline use. 
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