I paid twice, what do I do now?

If you have inadvertently activated a subscription twice, please note that you can always cancel a subscription within the statutory period of 14 days. You can send your cancellation request via the contact form. After the statutory 14-day reflection period has expired, it is no longer possible to receive a refund.



I activated a subscription through the website and then activated another subscription through the RouteYou App

In this case, you probably activated two accounts on two different mail addresses. Having two accounts is not necessary, because you can use one account on all devices, and with this account, you can log in the website, the RouteYou PWA and the RouteYou App

You can only link one email address to each RouteYou account. And the reverse is also true: you can only link one RouteYou account to each email address.

What you need to do:

What we will do:

  • We will refund you for the unwanted purchase.
      The refund will appear in the account of purchase after a few days. 
  • The downgraded account will be converted back to a Free account

I paid twice for the same account

If you have paid twice for the same account, you have basically paid for two consecutive installments. You can check this via the website, on your purchases page

This is not necessarily a problem. You can then enjoy the benefits of your purchased subscription for twice as long. If you do not want to have two consecutive installments, you can request a refund within the statutory period of 14 days. If so, please contact us via the contact form.


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